Juneteenth in Detroit’s Mission & Vision

Juneteenth has the ability to change the narrative in our communities if utilized righteously. Juneteenth Detroit Festival acknowledges the past by telling our story, appreciating today and celebrating tomorrow. Everyone is invited to celebrate US!! You may not need Juneteenth but Juneteenth needs you.

A Word

From Our Founder

“Do not be afraid to love this time.  It’s okay to enjoy yourselves and exercise your freedom to be you!  This is a moment when we share the energy of our ancestors.  With their freedom restored, Juneteenth began in Galveston, Texas over 150 years ago.
Respect the history.  Make this a time of peace, love, and community celebration.  Some things must be sacred.  Somewhere must be safe for all to enjoy.  Let that safe space be Juneteenth. Discover what all your community has to offer.  Patronize each other.  Get everything you need to enjoy Juneteenth from local vendors.  Its Juneteenth!!”

– Demond Petty


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